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Have a Go Month 2022

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At Bridge, we are extremely passionate about self-development, both professionally and personally. That’s why, we like to acknowledge certain awareness days to inform others about them. September is Have a Go month, one that really helps to explain why we do what we do, and the importance of learning new skills.

Have a Go month is an annual celebration, shining a light on learning regardless of your age and experiences. People learn and expand their knowledge in various ways and should be something that can happen at any point in your life. Have you ever heard the expression ‘you learn something new every day’?

The Festival of Learning is the organisation behind Have a Go month and has always celebrated the very best in adult learning and education throughout the UK. Founded in 1992, it started off as Adult Learners’ Week, urging people to join and help them to better understand how adult education could aid several social policies. The idea proved to be a successful one and other countries soon followed.

Learning new skills and knowledge as an adult can be hugely beneficial. It can provide people with more confidence and, ultimately, a new career path or hobby. Many people may believe that once they reach a certain age, it’s almost impossible for them to either learn a new skill or trade or even follow a different career path. But that certainly isn’t the case!

At Bridge, we are proud to be part of an industry that actively encourages personal growth through education and experiences. One of the many organisations that support further training is the IWFM and they can be contacted at

Happy ‘Have a Go’ Month!