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Recruiting Outside the Industry - Why FM?

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Here at Bridge, we are firm believers in giving everyone an equal chance, from application and throughout the recruitment and onboarding process. We often receive applications from those outside of the Industry and whilst we understand the need for someone to “hit the ground running”, by not exploring those applications, is this a missed opportunity?

When taking a role brief, most employers state that experience in a similar background is almost essential but would you be willing to employ an individual whose background is outside of FM? Many would say no, but what are the benefits and do they outweigh the risks?

One of the main benefits of recruiting outside the Industry is, they may be able to bring fresh, new ideas to the table, having never been in that working environment before. This could prove to be a breath of fresh air for the Company, being exposed to suggestions that they may have never considered in the past, thus improving the Company in terms of ideas and innovations. Another plus is that there are plenty of transferable skills that a Candidate can possess, whether they’ve worked in the industry previously or not. Communication, organisation, motivation and management can be required in all job roles, they just need to be altered slightly depending on which Industry that job role is in. Some training to help the new Candidate could give them the boost they need to enable them to excel in their new position.

How can we ensure the process of recruiting outside of FM can be successful? It’s simple, with an effective induction/training plan that will motivate and educate. An effective plan for any new starter is essential whether new to the Industry or not and employers can miss a key opportunity by not investing in that crucial introduction to their business.

In support of an effective induction, there are plenty of opportunities for companies to invest in training and courses, and when it comes to retention and business growth, it can make all the difference. Unfortunately, we have seen a decline in ongoing training and development over the years. Training is a great way to introduce candidates to a new Industry and with that training in place, new thought processes can drive creativity and innovation across the business. Sticking with what you have always known and done can be more damaging.

We are a campaigner for change and recruiting outside of FM is something we should all consider. Welcoming Candidates without experience may feel a little daunting, but if you’re brave enough to take that jump, it could make all the difference.

So, contact a member of our Team to talk about the possibilities of recruiting outside of the Industry at