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‘Freedom Day’ – is this the start of our new normal?

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After having our world turned upside down over the past year and a half, most of the Coronavirus restrictions were lifted on Monday in a bid to slowly get things back to normal.

Of the restrictions being lifted, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “I cannot say this powerfully or emphatically enough – this pandemic is not over. We cannot simply revert instantly to life as it was before Covid” while stressing the need for “constant vigilance” and “thinking about others as well as yourself.” It comes after just over 87 percent of UK adults have had their first vaccination and around 66 percent have had a second jab, a huge achievement for the UK so far.

As of Monday (19/7), there is now no limit on meeting people (but people are advised to meet outside where possible), those working from home can gradually return to their workplace, businesses and large events will be encouraged to use Covid-certification and social distancing is no longer compulsory. These are huge changes but we are constantly reminded that we should welcome these changes with caution, while still wearing facemasks in crowded and enclosed spaces in order to keep transmission rates to a minimum.

For so long, businesses have been in a state of limbo, not knowing when they can open their doors, worrying about whether they have to shut for good and have had so much uncertainty put onto them. But now is the time for things to slowly reopen and get the country back to some kind of normal. It won’t happen overnight, but it’s encouraging to see these changes happen finally, after a long period of uncertainty.

Within the Facilities Management industry, so many events and exhibitions have had to be cancelled, and like a lot of things, have taken place virtually. It’s incredible that they have still been able to go ahead, but nothing beats the opportunity to meet and network with people face to face. At Bridge we can’t wait to see things start to take place in person again, and we have a feeling we aren’t the only ones!