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Apprenticeships within the Facilities Management Industry

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At Bridge Recruitment, we are passionate about finding the right role for the right Candidate. Not only that, but we also want to encourage young people to find out more about the world of Facilities Management.

You may have seen a few of our posts in the past with regards to the younger generation, jobs, skills and experience. One option that students have when they leave school is the opportunity to take part in an apprenticeship, giving them the skills and experience they need to enter the world of work. At Bridge, we truly believe apprenticeships are key in aiding young people’s development while preparing them for future careers.

The types of apprenticeships that are out there are endless, and there are multiple opportunities to put you on the right track to work in the FM industry. They are a fantastic way to give you the experience you need, combining work and learning. Studies show that 75 percent of employers offer a full-time job upon completion of an apprenticeship, and they are available to anyone aged over 16. Apprenticeships can take between 18 and 24 months to complete, so that’s two years of experience to put you in good stead for the career road ahead.

Within the Facilities Management industry, there are a number of apprenticeships on offer, and are all based on experience, right up to Level Six. Click here to find out more.

IWFM’s Rising FMs Special Interest Group (SIG) recently interviewed former apprentices Kelly Stone and Gavin Payne from Heathrow Airport about their apprentice experience, career paths and their advice to those starting out on their journey. Both agreed that their careers went from strength to strength after starting out as apprentices, and how apprenticeships have helped others at Heathrow achieve and succeed. Kelly is now Head of Airside and Engineering Operations while Gavin is the Director of Engineering and Baggage, both key members of the Company.

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