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World Safety For Occupational Health

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

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Tomorrow (28/4) is World Day for Safety and Health at Work, an annual occurrence since 2003 aiming to highlight the importance of health and safety within the workplace.

On average, 317 million accidents occur in work environments annually, with many followed by extended work absences, and since the pandemic began last year, governments, employers and workers have faced countless unprecedented changes. A high number of people, not just in the UK but worldwide, have had to get used to a new way of working, one we haven’t really experienced before. In order to keep staff safe, more and more workers have been encouraged to work from home, meaning their entire working dynamic has changed over the past 14 months. As businesses are slowly returning to their usual working environments, it’s important to highlight the thought and efforts that need to go into ensuring the workplace is as safe as possible.

Tomorrow will focus on strategies put in place to maintain and strengthen occupational safety and health systems in order to build resilience and to help us become more prepared for the future. The last year has been a year like no other, and one we can hopefully learn from not just with regards to work, but in all other aspects too.