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The Kickstart Scheme

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Hello from all the Team at Bridge!

Now, you may remember a few weeks ago we were talking about the newly introduced Kickstart Scheme, aimed at helping to create jobs for young people - especially those who have been hit hard during the pandemic.

The scheme is a fantastic opportunity for the Facilities Management industry and those looking for work, and one that many organisations are wanting to get on board with.

If you missed our last post about Kickstart, it is a government backed scheme aimed at helping young people (aged between 16-24) to move away from Universal Credit and gain valuable working experience. Although only larger companies can apply direct, Talent Spa makes it possible for smaller businesses to get involved too. Talent Spa will manage the co-ordination of each placement which will be government funded for six months. Once the six months has ended, career mentorship is offered to those applicants who want it, and it is the intention of Employers to retain these individuals in the business whilst setting long term career goals. As of the end of last year, just over 14 percent of 16-24 year-olds were registered as being unemployed, so this Scheme is a fantastic way to help those looking for work.

As previously mentioned, Bridge has applied to become a gateway provider to support the scheme, using our knowledge, experience and skills to emphasise the benefits of a career within FM and the different paths it can lead to. We are so excited to be part of this scheme.

We spoke to a member of Talent Spa, about the interest in the Kickstart Scheme and how it can help the younger generation. He said: “There’s been a really high response to the Kickstart Scheme, with more and more people applying for support. In terms of roles, the majority on offer are entry level such as Business, general administration and office work, as well as digital marketing and social media roles. It’s been a great success and although there is a bit of catching up to do, applications are being dealt with as quickly as possible. We hope this initiative helps the financial recovery for businesses after the pandemic whilst motivating our younger generation.”

If you are a smaller business and want to find out more, you can contact Talent Spa on 0203 982 7600.