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Covid-19 Vaccine – could this mean a quicker return to ‘normal’ in the workplace?

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For ten months now, we’ve essentially put our lives on hold to an extent. Back in March of last year, we didn’t really know what to expect after it was announced that a pandemic was swiftly making its way across the world.

In that space of time, scientists have been working tirelessly to produce a Covid-19 vaccine in order to help stop the spread. Not long before Christmas, the Pfizer vaccine was given the green light to be administered to those who needed it the most, and by Christmas Eve, some 600,000 people had been given their first dose of the injection. By December 30, the Oxford University vaccine was approved for use in the UK, followed by the Moderna vaccine on January 7.

It’s fantastic to see three vaccines being given the go ahead to help in the fight to overcome Coronavirus. More than one million people have received their first dose, while a number of people have also received their second. It brings a glimmer of hope after an otherwise bleak year and gives us something to work towards in the future.

So could we see a return to the workplace sooner than we thought? We certainly hope so! With regards to the FM industry, a lot of companies have been working tirelessly to ensure other workers are kept safe and productive, through management of hospitals, schools and other structures. But many haven’t been as lucky to continue working. A lot of businesses have been hugely affected throughout the past ten months, and what with the UK being in its third lockdown, a lot of companies have been forced to shut their doors once again. It really is sad to see, and we can only hope they survive and are able to reopen to the public in due course.

But for now, let’s do our bit by staying at home, abiding by the rules and being extra careful for the sake of everyone around us.