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Lockdown 2.0 – what does this mean for us?

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It was inevitable, wasn’t it? Yet we were all hoping for a different outcome. Sadly, with coronavirus cases rising across the UK, the Prime Minister announced on Saturday (31/10) that the UK would be entering another lockdown come Thursday.

The sad reality is that many businesses couldn’t come back from the first lockdown back in March, and many won’t be able to withstand a second. From Thursday, hospitality venues, indoor sports facilities, non-essential shops and entertainment venues will have to close until at least December 2 in order to keep social contact at a minimum.

It will be a huge blow for some companies as many were slowly starting to adjust to the new normal, but this is the time for us to realise that we must look out for each other and support those in the industry as best we can.

We had to endure the first lockdown for a number of months, with many working from home to reduce travel and infection. We’ve done it once, and we must remind ourselves that we can do it again. It’s understandable for people to feel disheartened about the situation we’re currently facing, but also important to remember that this period, however bleak it may seem, will end eventually.

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