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Bridge Walthamstow School For Girls

Michelle to Volunteer at Walthamstow School for Girls!

Experience, Tips, Preparation...

As Director of Bridge Recruitment and Chair for IWFM Rising FMs, Michelle is passionate about educating younger people and opening their eyes to a career in Facilities Management. In the past, Michelle and a number of other colleagues have attended secondary schools as part of Careers Week, conducting mock interviews to help prepare them for the future.

Most recently, we took part in Teams interviews with a secondary school last year, giving pupils an insight into what to expect, as many hadn’t had interview experience at the time.

This year, Michelle has kindly volunteered to help with Professional Interview Day at Walthamstow School for Girls tomorrow. This will be a valuable experience for the students, giving them the opportunity to work on the skills they will need in the near future. This will hopefully put them in good stead when the time comes, allowing them to apply what they have learnt to a real life situation.