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Our Visit to HMP Brixton

CV Writing, Trailblazers, HMP Brixton...

Leanne Heerey and Michelle Brightly paid a visit to HMP Brixton last week to speak to staff and deliver a CV writing workshop.

Trailblazers are the fantastic charity we are fundraising for at the Comedy Night in November and they play a key role in mentoring these individuals before and after release.

Many of these young men genuinely want to be given a chance to change their lives and almost all of them have spent their earlier life in care, making it almost impossible to build a positive and fulfilling future.

It was a very rewarding experience but with limited funding from the government, the process of release can cause anxiety and uncertainty, meaning these individuals are almost set to fail before their journey on the outside has even started.

The aim for Trailblazers is to ensure all individuals have right to work documentation, a bank account and accommodation. Without this, the individuals are released and almost always return to the previous lives.

Following our CV workshop, we are now working with some of the inmates to monitor their progress with the aim of finding them employment for their release. Our funding will go towards buying work clothes, travel and generally ensuring they are able to function without struggle until they are paid. We are so excited and with a job to go to, this encourages a stronger support structure before they leave prison.

You may have seen our post on LinkedIn on Wednesday where we reached out to the FM network to find a role for someone being released in September, and we would just like to say a huge thank-you for the brilliant response we had from those in the industry! There is strength in numbers, and we are looking forward to what we can achieve for these individuals, and our FM Comedy Night will certainly help raise both money and awareness for this important cause!

So, if you haven’t already purchased tickets, you can do so here!

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If you would like to sponsor our event please email and we will elaborate on the options available.