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Bridge World Fm Day 2022

World FM Day 2022: Leading a Sustainable Future

Leading a Sustainable Future, 2022, Sustainability...

Happy World FM Day from the Team here at Bridge Recruitment!

Held every year since 2006, World FM Day aims to celebrate and give recognition to those within the Facilities Management industry, focusing on a different theme each year. This year’s theme is ‘FM: Leading a Sustainable Future’, one that we can all agree is an incredibly important subject to focus and one that affects us all.

World FM Day is so important for highlighting key subjects such as this and what a difference FM and workplace management industry can make.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has outlined ways in which they aim to take a step in the right direction for a better sustainable future. Back in 2015, when leaders from 193 countries around the world came together, they were shocked at what they faced. From then on, these leaders created a plan called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With 17 goals in total, this helps to imagine a future eight years from now that will be rid of poverty and hunger, and safe from the worst effects of climate change. The UNDP is one of the leading organisations working to achieve these goals by 2030.

Although World FM Day is today, activities and webinars are taking place all week to celebrate, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled! Content and news has also been distributed since Monday and will continue to be shared all week, ensuring you are kept up to date with everything!

So, enjoy and once again, Happy World FM Day!