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Recycle Week 2021

Global Warming, Environment, Recycle Week 2021...

This week is Recycle Week in the UK and one that we should all take notice of, let us all step up to the challenge of positive change!

Running from September 20th until September 26th, Recycle Week aims to spread awareness of the significance of recycling your waste and the effects it can have on our environment if you don’t recycle. This concerns all of us and here at Bridge, we are only too happy to help bang that drum and raise awareness!

Working across six continents, UK-based charity WRAP aims to promote and encourage sustainability through waste minimisation, recycling, re-using, and reprocessing and this applies to the domestic, Business and Industry markets.

The reality of it is, a lot more can be recycled than people realise. In North London for example, people can easily recycle around 70 percent of their waste using recycling services that are already in place. It’s important to know what you can recycle and which items should go in your general waste, there are huge benefits other than the feel-good factor, it helps to save money. The pressure of landfill sites is intensifying and with the Government putting in place legislation and regulations to maximise recycling efforts, there is always room to do a little bit more.

Recycling is majorly important but it is just one factor that can help to sustain our environment. Things like conserving energy and switching to renewable, walking instead of using a car or public transport and eating sustainably are just some of the ways in which we can make the world a better place to live in. Its our responsibility to make that change happen!

To find out how you can help to save the planet, click here for more information.