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National Employee Appreciation Day 2021

Colleagues, Employers, Employees...

Today is National Employee Appreciation Day, and that means celebrating each and everyone of our employees and colleagues for all they do to contribute to their daily working lives.

Although celebrated each year, 2021 is an especially important year to acknowledge seeing as the majority of those in employment have had a pretty tough 12 months.

Most of us have been altering the ways in which we work since around this time last year, and although its been tricky for some, we’ve managed to get over this huge hurdle.

Even though we’ve been working remotely for the most part, employers and employees have been working together more than ever before to weather this difficult period and this is the kind of dedication and togetherness that should be celebrated. Boosting morale and letting colleagues know you appreciate them are just some of the small actions that can really go a long way (and can even be done over the phone or in an email while we’re not quite ready to return to the office just yet!)

At Bridge, our culture embraces teamwork and whether it be in the office or on the other end of the phone, we work together as a Team.

We’re incredibly lucky to have quickly adjusted to this new way of working and just in case we do not say it as often as we should, Thank you Team Bridge. We wouldn’t be here without you!!