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Finally! APPG aims to Recognise Cleaners as Key Workers!

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Did you hear the news? The proposed All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) has been introduced for the cleaning and hygiene sector!

In total, 53 MPs and three Members of the House of Lords have joined the group and members of six parties are participating, including some of the most renowned politicians in the country.

The APPG aims to represent the cleaning and hygiene sector and it’s best interests in Parliament and wants to make a positive impact in terms of showing MPs and the government how important this particular sector is to society.

The British Cleaning Council is sponsoring the APPG and Chair Paul Thrupp said: “I’m particularly pleased that so many MPs have agreed to give the group their backing. Such widespread backing will ensure it is highly-credible and influential.”

High on the list of aims of the APPG is to recognise that all cleaning and hygiene staff should be considered key and essential workers, something that hadn’t really crossed peoples’ minds prior to the pandemic. A number of other goals that the APPG aims to achieve include the creation of a universal training accreditation for cleaning within the UK, the promotion of the real Living Wage and ensuring mental health and wellbeing is a part of employees’ care programs.

The inauguration of the APPG is a fantastic step forward and a huge achievement for those in the cleaning and hygiene sectors, and we can’t wait to see what happens in the future!