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0 Boris Johnson Holds Coronavirus Press Conference Announcing Socialising Restrictions

The Latest in Government Restrictions: what can we do to support each other?

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After months in limbo, things were slowly starting to get back to normal – people were encouraged to return to the office in reduced numbers, businesses were reopening, and children were welcomed back at school.

But with Coronavirus cases rising in recent weeks, Prime Minister Boris Johnson made an announcement last Tuesday (22/9) with regards to new restrictions surrounding the pandemic.

In his televised address, the Prime Minister outlined new regulations involving the hospitality sector, face coverings and working from home arrangements, as well as penalties for those who break the rules put in place.

So what does this mean for businesses and those who had just started to return to work? If you work in a profession where it is impossible for you to work from home then of course, continue as you were. But for those who have been working from home for most of the year, this is set to continue. It is understandable if you feel disheartened by the recent news, but we have already proved working from home is feasible – we just have to do it for a little bit longer than we originally thought.

Here at Bridge, we know that it is important to lift each other up and do everything we can to make others feel fully supported and let them know they’re not on their own. Everyone experiences change differently, and it is essential for us to acknowledge that and act accordingly.