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i-Recognise 2020

i-Recognise 2020, Bridge, Cleaning...

Today is the first worldwide i-Recognise Day, and one that the team here at Bridge Recruitment are more than happy to get behind!

The purpose of this day is to shine a light on the cleaning sector and to acknowledge the efforts and hard work of those working in the industry, as sometimes it can be taken for granted. It is important, especially in times like this, for us to really understand the work that goes into ensuring all environments are safe and clean to live and work in.

As well as focusing on the cleaning industry, i-Recognise is working together with Made Blue Foundation to raise money to provide access to safe drinking water for those less fortunate than ourselves. There are currently 884,000, 000 people who lack safe water facilities and i-Recognise wants to change that. You can find out more here.

Being a recruitment company which concentrates on Facilities Management, the cleaning sector is one of our main focuses. We know how crucial those with a career in this industry are to our everyday lives, whether it be where we live, where we visit or where we work.

Advocated by BICSc (The British Institute of Cleaning Science), i-Recognise is a fantastic way to acknowledge everyone involved in the cleaning division, from cleaners to supervisors to managers and beyond.

From the team here at Bridge Recruitment, we commend you and the services you provide today and everyday – we know our lives would look a lot different without you and the efforts you put in on a daily basis, so thank-you!