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The Opening of Pubs, Clubs and other businesses - what Impact has it had on FM?

Lockdown, Covid-19, Cleaning...

Pubs and clubs were given the green light to open a couple of weekends ago - the first time in four to five months.

As part of the easing of lockdown measures, hospitality venues such as pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants were given the go ahead to reopen - with some very strict measurements in place to keep the public safe. A lot of these places have had to shut their doors since mid-March.

With many members of the public flocking to their local pubs and clubs, it was clear that the experience of going for a drink was completely different to what we’re used to, with government guidance being followed in order to make these places ‘Covid secure’.

To ensure they’re following government rules, these places have had to make changes to how they operate. Things like limiting customers, encouraging reservations, rearranging tables and installing hand sanitiser dispensers throughout have all been part of the process of ensuring these businesses are safe enough to welcome back customers. Additionally, from July 24, it will be mandatory for the general public to wear a face mask when in shops, supermarkets and any other enclosed public space to help prevent the spread and ultimately, a second wave.

Since the reopening of certain hospitality venues, the government has now given the go ahead to beauty salons, hairdressers, gyms and swimming pools, all with similar measures in place to keep people safe and to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

With premises having required deep cleans, sterilisation and sanitation to prepare for the big reopening, FM companies have without a doubt been busier than ever before. Cleaning, hygiene and decontamination services have seen a surge in requests since early March and it comes as no surprise. Many have reported an unprecedented demand for their services from mid-March, with an increase in bookings being a direct result of the worldwide pandemic.

While lockdown measures are lifting and more shops and businesses are reopening, it’s certainly interesting to see what our new normal is going to look like.