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Social Distancing - how will it affect our working life?


Since the first cases of Coronavirus were reported here in the UK, life for everyone in the country has changed a considerable amount. From being in lockdown to working from home to social distancing, we're starting to get used to our new way of life.

Social distancing in particular has had a huge effect on how people behave in public, whether they're going out to work, to exercise or to shop. Those companies that are still operating have had to incorporate strict measures to make it easier for people to social distance, ensuring they feel safer while going about their daily lives.

What about social distancing? We're so used to being able to work in offices alongside our colleagues and have never given social distancing a second thought. Of course, some offices are fairly spacious but you still have to be in close proximity with other workers and this is something that will prove difficult when everything starts to return to 'normal'. Rules and regulations will need to be put in place for workers to follow to ensure that social distancing remains, as it is clear this isn't something that will go away anytime soon.

According to BBC News, businesses could be required to stagger employees' working hours to prevent rush hour commutes being too busy and to prevent too many colleagues being together in a small space. As we've already seen, social distancing has been welcomed by the majority of people, and the more it is encouraged, the more people will learn to abide by the rules.

Since we are officially past the peak, things may start to slowly change in terms of leaving the house at our leisure. Certain rules may be eased and some may even be lifted, especially since we've seen a slow decrease in the daily death toll. We've adjusted to working from home pretty well, but now it's time to look to the future and wait and see what the next phase will hold for us.

With social distancing expected to continue months after lockdown has been lifted, could this be the new norm at work for months or even years to come?