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Wifm Conference 2020

Women in FM Conference 2020

Conference, London, IWFM...

Set in the Wellcome Trust building in London, this year's WiFM conference welcomed 120 industry professionals and focused on the importance of customer service and experience within the FM industry. Director and WiFM committee member Michelle Brightly and Content Executive Nicole Miller, attended the event which had fantastic reviews.

The Wellcome Trust, situated in Euston, is a research charity founded by Sir Henry Wellcome in 1880. His idea was to create a pharmaceutical company, originally known as The Wellcome Foundation, and he was a pioneer in the medical field. When he died in 1936, his will provided for the creation of a charity, now popularly known as The Wellcome Trust. Today, over 80 years later, the impressive building is located just around the corner to Euston Station and the team work tirelessly to support scientists and researchers all around the world.

The full day seminar addressed a range of interesting topics and welcomed a number of the industry's top speakers. Each speaker had the chance to share their thoughts and experiences, all while offering their advice to the audience.

The conference itself was an insightful one, giving attendees the opportunity to network with each other whilst being educated. It covered some challenging topics, such as the importance of ethics and morals in customer service, customer experience and the treatment of employees and clients alike.

Being new to the industry, this was one of Nicole's first events and one that helped her to better understand Facilities Management. She said: "The seminar really helped me to get a feel of what the industry is like and the work that goes on behind the scenes. Having the opportunity to listen to the speakers discussing their experiences, the problems they've faced and how they've overcome them was interesting and I took a lot away from the day. Having the chance to network with a number of people in the industry was great too!"


Thank-you to the WiFM Committee Team for an insightful and organised day!