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Facilities Show 2010

Award Ceremonies - The good and the bad

Award ceremonies, Awards, PFM Awards...

Award ceremonies are a fantastic way to shine a light on Facilities Management companies who have excelled throughout the year and gives shortlisted companies the chance to celebrate their achievements and network with fellow finalists.

Being a winner or even a finalist at such prestigious ceremonies is a wonderful achievement for those involved, especially seeing as entries come from a wide range of organisations worldwide. Award ceremonies are a great way to commend companies within the FM industry and are a way of showing those working in the industry that their efforts and contributions don’t go unnoticed. It gives companies the chance to celebrate themselves as well as others, and additionally gives them the opportunity to interact with other organisations.

It’s not surprising that although these ceremonies are a big deal within the Facilities Management industry, they are viewed negatively by some and have a bit of a bad reputation. It’s no secret that organisations pay to enter these events, whether it be purchasing an entry by acquiring a table or buying a sponsorship package. Being the ‘UK’s Best…’ is no longer as effective in impressing potential candidates because of the negative connotations that surround it. This, unfortunately, in turn, takes the positivity out of winning an award, because companies can be seen as ‘buying their way in’. It’s a shame for these organisations, as they’ve been shortlisted, judged and elected to win awards to commemorate their hard work and dedication within the FM industry. Awards should be given to highlight accomplishments by hardworking people and it’s unfortunate that it attracts negative attention.

There are two main award ceremonies taking place in the next few weeks to celebrate organisations in the FM industry; the IWFM Awards and the PFM Awards. Both are highly respected and highlight the importance of those working in the industry, celebrating companies’ hard work and achievement in FM from around the world. The IWFM Awards is taking place tonight (October 14) at Grosvenor House, London. The PFM Awards will be held a few weeks later at The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London on November 6.