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Talent Shortage in Facilities Management

Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management, Armed Forces Covenant, Rising FMs...

According to the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), the Facilities Management Industry is suffering from a shortage of talent and is not replacing the number of retiring professionals.

Our industry is at risk of stagnation. In fact, from a 30% sample of IFMA's 24,000 members, the average member's age is 50+. However, this is not a surprise to the industry. Governing bodies such as IWFM, IFMA, and RICS are taking active steps to tackle the issue head-on.

The benefits of fresh talent:

A willingness to learn:

Talent coming from outside the industry will have no preconceived ideas about the industry.  They will offer a fresh approach and thought process, which will benefit the role structure, culture and performance of any business. From an employer’s perspective, you have a fantastic opportunity to mould these professionals into the perfect employee.

Open to change:

The world of Facilities Management is changing. The internet of things is a topic that we have spoken about in a previous article and is a topic professionals will need to get their heads around. IoT will place technology at the forefront of a building's operation and will require a savvy individual to oversee and analyse the data which is being pulled. Fresh talent outside of the industry will have no set way of operating and will be more likely to embrace these changes with little hesitation.

So, what is the industry doing about it?

Avenues for accessing talent:

The Armed Forces:

Anyone from a military background would have found themselves in a regimented environment. It's fast-paced and desires only the strongest of characters. You will be to have the following characteristics

  • Disciplined
  • People management capabilities
  • Be assertive in problematic situations
  • General Problem solver
  • Apply teamwork and communicate effectively
  • Build rapport
  • Be decisive

An individual will join the forces and become rooted. It's a humbling experience that gives the individual a 'can do' attitude. This works perfectly in the business world.

From the Armed Forces into Facilities Management:

Some examples of roles in the Forces that can be easily integrated into the FM industry:

  • Chef: Men and women in the forces will leave with a strong catering background. They will have experience catering for thousands and will easily transfer into roles in the catering, events, food safety and culinary sectors.
  • Infantry: Individuals in the Special Forces develop a mind for seeking and defusing dangerous situations – using wits and a level head to overcome high-intensity circumstances to resolve problems. The perfect skill set to transfer into a security role in FM.
  • Engineers and Technicians: The military provides opportunities to train and develop individuals from entry level in a multitude of trades, skills and formal qualifications ranging from carpenters, ME engineers to IT and communications professionals, all of which are so relevant in the FM industry.


The IWFM is a community of over 17,000 workplace and facilities management professionals. They share best practice and knowledge with the profession and support their member’s professional development through internationally recognised, regulated qualifications, short courses and training.

They connect with and support professionals that want to make a difference to the profession.

The Emerging Workplace Leaders:

Is a platform for aspiring FM professionals to connect with their peers in the workplace industry. The EMWL hosts a prestigious Young Leader of the Year award to showcase young talent who have made a significant impact early in their careers.

IWFM SIG: Women in FM

In a male dominant industry, women make up a large pool of untapped talent in facilities management. The Women in FM community strive to encourage inclusivity for all and focus on continuing professional development.

The group offer advice and guidance to help professionals raise their profile in the profession, whilst making the most of professional development opportunities, including networking events.

IWFM SIG: Rising FM’s

Rising FM’s is a support network which raises awareness for those entering the FM industry. This SIG offers guidance and support for those keen to progress their careers.

Our involvement

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