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Celebrating World FM Day

Today is World FM Day and this year’s theme is ‘Celebrating Global ISO FM Standards’ in acknowledgement of the new ISO 41000 series of Standards and Technical Report for facilities management.

As a business who is ISO audited everyone year, Bridge Recruitment is proud to represent and support an industry that is taking massive steps towards standardising our sector to formalise best practices.

"Embracing and creating its own ISO standard is an indication of just how far the FM industry has come. Every task regardless of how often you do it requires rules that define the scope, quality, and methods to be followed. If you standardise these rules, you can have visibility over quality and reducing human error."

- Director, Daniel Tanner

World FM Day was initiated by Global FM to raise awareness for the vital work that facilities management professionals and facilities management organisations contribute to the global markets. 

“It aims to raise the profile of the FM profession, not just in member regions, but anywhere FMs influence the health, safety, productivity and well-being of people who utilise the built environment.” 

- Global FM

In the UK alone market research suggests that the sector is worth between £40bn and £95bn per annum (Source: FSI) yet the importance of the facilities management industry is often overlooked by outsiders looking in. However, we urge anyone reading this post to take time today to reflect on and share your achievements over the past year and celebrate our industries success.

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