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International Womens Day 2019! - Reflecting with Michelle Brightly

International Womens Day

We all need time to reflect on our achievements, in both our professions and home life. To have a positive and inspirational woman in your life is vital, we all need someone to look up to. Being an inspiration to my children is incredibly important to me. I am their mentor and need to show my Sons what is an acceptable way to treat women and for my Daughter, what she can achieve herself, as a female.

I am a Mother of 6 and recently became a Grandmother to my beautiful Granddaughter. I have worked from the age of 16 and began my own business in 2005. The start of my business was triggered by the fact that flexible working was not an option for women during that time. As my family grew, I was torn between wanting my career and being there for my Family. Therefore, if I couldn’t get the support from an employer, I would start my own business and therefore make my own rules.

My aim has always been to ensure my children have options in life, that they are happy and fulfilled, that their own journey in life is not quite as hard as what mine had been. However, with an expanding family, juggling a career and being a decent Mother is some task!

Having a career that I love and am passionate about gives me focus and being successful helps my family to be happy. As a woman, I have proven to those around me that starting a family doesn’t have to be the final chapter of your career. There are thousands of inspirational Women out there and this day allows us all to celebrate!

Happy International Women’s Day everyone.

- Michelle Brightly: Director of Bridge Recruitment