Is It Time To Change Psl

Is it time to change your PSL?

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A number of companies say that having a PSL for their recruitment is a benefit to their business. That it helps cut costs and delivers efficiencies but does it really?

Many Organisations tend to have a preferred supplier list that is very rarely reviewed and added to on an ad-hoc basis diluting the quality. The reason for engaging a recruiter is predominantly driven by a need to attract a candidate with a specific skill set or experience, which can often lead to HR or the hiring manager being bombarded with CVs that have very little relevance to the brief given. This is when you need to question your PSL/supplier, and the value they bring to your business.

Too many recruiters focus on a CV matching keywords that are relevant to the Job/person specification, rather than putting an emphasis on the candidate themselves and whether their culture/personality is the right fit for the company, do they share the same values and ambitions. This approach is fundamental to a successful and long-term placement.

At Bridge our ethos has always been quality first, taking time to learn more about our clients and their company, its USP’s and aligning these with any potential candidates.

So, what should you do?

  • Measure how well your current recruitment suppliers are performing.
  • What is the CV to interview ratio and how many are relevant?
  • What is the interview to placement Ratio?
  • Are your current providers compliant and able to demonstrate best business practices?