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The benefits of outsourcing your recruitment

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The recruitment process is an essential part of any successful business. If done correctly, you will have an individual who is aware of his/her responsibilities and has the necessary experience to exceed the role and ultimately provide strong results. From a business’s perspective, if you are successful in building a strong team, you are inevitably layering the foundations for astronomical success.

Having been operating in the FM industry for over a decade, we have seen a huge shift in the way companies recruit. Almost every business sees recruitment agencies as an expense that can be avoided. Unfortunately for you (but fortunate for us), this isn’t the case and here’s why:

1.  Recruiting Costs

By outsourcing your recruitment, you no longer need to worry about the costs of headhunting candidates and advertising on job boards. The purpose of a recruitment company is to offer a complete service for an agreed commission rate, allowing for you to budget effectively – transferring your time and resources to other areas of the business.

2.  Candidate Quality

The process of attracting high-quality candidates for an opportunity can become very time consuming if you don’t have the necessary resources and networking opportunities available. Recruitment is a process which requires effective communication skills and patience, without these qualities the ability to attract strong talent is slim to none. The approach needs to be based on a personal level which is strengthened and managed between the recruiter and the candidate.

Nurturing a relationship takes time. Time, your HR team or Hiring Manager may not have. Recruiters, recruit 24/7. We have the time to understand candidates on a personal level. The relationship should mean more than just understanding what he or she wants in a role. Knowing a candidate’s tendencies is vital to finding the perfect culture fit. If you aren’t aware of a characteristic or type of behaviour you may find yourself hiring an individual who isn’t right for you… Now you find yourself avoiding the cost of the recruitment fee, but having to redo the entire process, with an increased staff turnover and a loss of time.

3.  Efficiency

Working with a Recruiter that specialises in your Industry is so important. They will offer a larger network of Candidates that match your target audience. With strong market intelligence, they will be able to reach individuals who are active in the job market as well as those contacts who aren’t. This will save you time, money, resources and will ultimately assist in the growth of your business.

4.  High Demand, Low Supply

Facilities Management is a highly technical, highly specialised industry. And because of this finding, the necessary talent required is becoming increasingly more difficult. You may find your HR team or Hiring Manager doesn’t have the necessary time, nor resources to carry out an extensive search. Over time, this will become increasingly frustrating and stressful for your staff, which may have a knock-on effect on how they perform in their day to day.