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We completed the Vertical Rush challenge!

Charity, Fundraising

Last week, the Bridge Recruitment team successfully scaled Tower 42, completing this year's #VerticalRush challenge in aid of Shelter UK! Climbing 42 floors and 932 steps of London's most iconic building.

Completing Vertical Rush was a huge challenge for the team and one we overlooked entirely. The first ten floors of Tower 42 were quite frankly horrendous and put a massive strain on the team’s mindset for the remainder of the climb. Some members of the team began the ascent fast and quickly regretted it. Others had a steady pace from the start with the goal of simply completing the climb and making themselves proud.

The team is extremely proud of completing the challenge and can't wait to come back next year!

So far, the team has raised a total £210 for Shelter. Our goal, however, is to raise £1200. We know this is a big ask but we are confident with the support of our friends, family and industry peers we will be able to meet our target.

Officer Manager, Leanne Heerey had the following to say:

I am so proud of my colleagues and I for taking part in the Verticle Rush challenge and raising money for such a good and worthy cause.

I always thought it would be a tough challenge and it definitely was! Although I didn't complete it in the fastest time, the fact I completed it at all is a great achievement for myself!.

Remeber. For every £1 donated, 79p will be spent helping people directly, with the remaining 21p going towards fundraising. So if you wish to support our cause in raising £1200 for Shelter please donate below:

Click here to donate