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Reflecting on a successful Berlin Marathon with Craig


I have just returned from my Trip to Berlin where I am happy to say that I survived my marathon, finishing in 4hrs 30mins! A little slower than I originally expected but I am still very happy with the outcome considering the weather was wet and horrible and I struggled to shake some serious hamstring cramp.

If I said the last six miles hurt like heck it would be a serious understatement! When I crossed the finish line I was a broken man. I have so much respect for anyone that does a marathon – no matter what the time!

Pain aside, it was an amazing experience. The support on the side of the roads and from fellow runners was inspiring. The bands placed along the route were brilliant and helped me forget the pain in the later stages. I really want to thank everyone who donated it really kept me going at the end and it was for a brilliant cause and a lovely organisation.

After the marathon, my brother James Douglas (who by the way absolutely blew my time away with a 3 hours 35minutes) and I went sightseeing and beer tasting around Berlin for the next two days. I highly recommend Berlin. The locals are friendly, the food is cheap, and the city has some seriously interesting history.