London Region - The role of new technology

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

| 17:00 to 20:00

This event will focus on the role of new technology in sustainable and efficient data centre cooling.

The UK data centre market is growing, with more of these essential hives of infrastructure appearing throughout the country. For FMs, this is a particularly high-pressure environment that uses vast quantities of energy and other resources in order to ensure continued operation and prevent critical downtime.

IWFM London Region along with Guardian Water Treatment, WCS and Hevasure, will discuss the critical role of new technologies in improving the efficiency and sustainability of data centre cooling. From 24/7 monitoring of ambient and HVAC system conditions to water recycling, data centre owners can avoid breakdown, keep systems cool, while reducing wastage - of energy, water and off-plan call outs. 

Ideally, a whole-life approach should be taken, understanding the interplay between different systems to ensure the optimum environment for effective operations.


  • Steven Booth, MD for Guardian Water Treatment
  • George Searle, Hevasure Product Manager (Guardian Water Treatment)
  • Tim Gaston, Head of Engineering at WCS Group
  • A representative from the Data Centre sector (TBA).
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