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" It is our staff who clean our client's buildings and that is what we are measured on. They are the backbone to our business so caring for them is essential. "

Founded originally in the Netherlands, Facilicom Group is a well renowned service provider for a multitude of amenities including the field of cleaning security, airport services, catering, education, facilities management, construction and contracting as well as hotel and catering services. Across their 50-year history they have established substantial expansions and have consequently branched out into Western Europe. With an impressive cohort of 31,000 employees stretching across the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom, Facilicom Group have substantiated a remarkable annual turnover of £1 billion. Having triumphed with their current ventures, Facilicom have continued to prove their success in the UK with several operations in a wide range of sectors such as manufacturing food production, retail, housing associations, shopping centres, sports stadia and blue-chip commercial. This continuous achievement has resulted in them looking to expand their reach as a business and have aptly identified the UK market as an area of development

The Problem/Opportunity:

Due to this strategic acquisition and organic growth, they have found themselves with a rapidly increasing portfolio, predominantly within the corporate sector consisting mainly of large the blue-chip sites within the M25. Owing to the high level of client liaison and account management involved, Facilicom required individuals with a specific skill set to complement and support their growth within this market place. Facilicom were unsuccessful in their search to identify individuals capable of managing such high-profile buildings, some of which had recently been tendered. This resulted in Facilicom receiving excellent recommendations to engage with Bridge Recruitment, this occurred through positive existing relationships Bridge Recruitment already had within the organisation.​

The Solution:

To establish a clear understanding of the Facilicom’s needs, Bridge Recruitment was invited to view the operational environment and provided with a detailed candidate profile specification.

This allowed Bridge to familiarise themselves with the candidate specification and search through their database to find the best possible candidates for Facilicom in line with their provisions. Within seven working days Bridge Recruitment provided a selection of suitable candidates, all of which were a close match to their requirements.

The successful placement was achieved through Bridge Recruitments exceptional understanding of the detailed candidate specification, working environment and company culture. Facilicom confirmed that despite previously working with several other suppliers, they had not met a single candidate who was suitable for the opportunity. 

Bridge pride themselves on an ethos of high-quality and personable service, thus Bridge successfully placed the required position within three weeks of receiving the placement request.  Based on this project; Bridge became a preferred supplier and consolidated a close working-business relationship with Facilicom.