September’s Fundraising Efforts

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Following our recent pledge to Haven House – officially committing this year’s charity efforts towards the non-profit organisation, Bridge Recruitment have been hard at work supporting the cause.

In fact, last week, Michelle Brightly,  participated in the Haven House ‘JailBreak’ event, imprisoning herself in cells, once occupied by the Kray Twins at the Courthouse Hotel.

Michelle was given the task of raising £500 in bail money through her personal contacts and social media presence. With an overwhelming amount of support, she was able to exceed the fundraising goal reaching a grand total of £718 and over £2000 as a collective!

What a great event which was so well organised. The venue was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the campaign. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who made a donation and helped exceed the initial target. I’m truly amazed by the generosity and overall contribution of my network.

Michelle Brightly

Daniel Tanner, Craig Douglas, Carolyn Brown, and Chris McNamara, all took time out of their working day to visit the Woodford Green, Haven House Hospice, to better educate themselves on the impact this year’s charity work can have on the children in care.

Paying a recent visit to the Hospice it was an incredibly humbling experience and we feel extremely proud to be supporting Haven House and the amazing work they do.

Daniel Tanner

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