Recruitment 2018 – Why hold off until January?

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Christmas is fast approaching, and everyone is feeling festive – 2018 is going to be an exciting year of growth for many businesses but to reach your company goals you may need some extra resources or some fresh talent to add a new view to your ambitions.

A recruitment process can often take longer during  Christmas and the New Year period due to the holidays and the excitement of Christmas, and this is why it is important to identify potential recruitment needs now.

Why hold off until January?

Once a vacancy is registered, the first stage of any recruitment process is crucial – advertising the role and sourcing the most suitable candidates for an opportunity. From a Candidate perspective during December they may be questioning how much they have achieved in 2017 – is it time for a new challenge? This makes the pool of candidates available much stronger than perhaps other times of the year – so back to our question, why hold off until January?

It’s simple. Start recruiting now. Get ahead of your competition. Stabilize your team before the New Year and hit the ground running going into 2018.

And if you are job seeker who needs a challenge for 2018 to continue your professional development please contact the Recruitment team at Bridge and we will support your job search into the New Year.

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