Identifying your requirements

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Want a career and not just a job? The first important step is to fully analyse your role requirements and plan your job searching strategy.

To make steps in your career and to find the right role being patient, determined and focused is key.

Making plans

Before starting your job search and if you want your search to be successful, it is important to make a plan.

Key factors to consider are:

  • Setting goals – The end goal of your job search will be to get a job, but your goal should be more detailed than that. Manage the process effectively and detail the job, the company, the location, the salary, the working hours or anything else that might be important to you.
  • Determining deliverables – You’ll only get one job at the end of your search, but along the way, there are certain measures you can make to check things are going to plan. Number of applications made, number of responses, number of interviews attended, meetings with recruitment agencies and networking events attended, are just a few things you can track.
  • Setting schedules – It’s impossible to know exactly how long your job search is going to take, but you certainly don’t want it to last forever. Set a few milestones, such as having your CV completed within one week, having secured a number of relevant interviews within the first month etc.
  • Acting quickly – If you see a vacancy you want, don’t sit twiddling your thumbs, get your application over to them. Obviously, don’t skip the important step of tailoring your CV to that specific opportunity.
  • Changing Tactics – If your job search isn’t going to plan, don’t just keep knocking on the same doors. Be prepared to switch strategies and try different avenues towards employment.

Have the answers clear in your mind before the process starts:

  • Why do I want a job?
  • What type of company do I want to work for?
  • Where will the jobs I want be advertised?
  • Do I have the skills I need to do the job I want?
  • Does the job offer everything that I need…salary, location, prospects, support?

Explore all avenues

As well as uploading your CV and conducting online job searches, be prepared to widen the net to attract the widest audience possible.

Attending job fairs and networking events is an efficient investment of time and effort during your job search because you can directly approach a great number of employers in one go handing out your CV to company representatives and networking within your industry.

If the companies you’re targeting aren’t at the events, don’t worry, get in touch with them directly to make a prospective application. Find out the name of the hiring manager and get in touch with them directly, explaining why you think you’re worth a chance at their company.

Register with leading forms of social media such as Linked In and Facebook.

Keep track of all your applications, all your contacts and all your communications so you know at the drop of a hat exactly where you are with each.

Often in life, opportunities, like buses, all come along at the same time. You may find that two or even three openings will come your way after a period of getting no responses at all.

Good luck!

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