What makes a good sales person?

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As specialist recruiters within the Facilities Management industry, Bridge Recruitment understand the difficulties of finding top sales talent.
There are many opportunities currently within the industry which can offer top candidates excellent salary, work-life balance, company benefits, but also help you throughout your personal and professional development.

The Sales Executive Council (SEC) has recently found that salespeople behave in a certain manner, depending on the situation. Using their findings and our own experience of what makes a good salesperson which matches a company’s expectations, we have created our top 5 attributes of an ideal salesperson:

N1. Relationship builder

A salesperson gets along with everyone, they know how to gain the trust of others and build strong advocates within organisations. They always have time for others but know when to focus on the deal at hand.

N2. Reactive problem solver

They can always be relied on to respond to internal and external stakeholders, your stakeholders are your business so if your salesperson can take of them, the rest can come easy! No problem is too challenging, using their innovative skills they are able to solve any problem without missing any key details.

N3. Hard worker

All employees should work hard within a business, but a great salesperson will always go the extra mile, they are self-motivated and want to achieve and even exceed their target! Being self-motivated they always want to improve and willing to hear feedback and focus on continuous development.

N4. Challenger

Whilst they understand the business of the company they are working for, they always understand the customers’ business, allowing them to create positive tension which always helps the customer arrive at the best outcome.

N5. The lone wolf

They will always follow their own instincts as they are very self-assured. They want to achieve the goal and they will do so.

The SEC found that most salespeople are relationship builders. Which one would you best describe yourself as?

Bridge Recruitment have a number of opportunities available for top talent salespeople, whether you have industry experience or are looking for a new challenge, we can offer you guidance and open new doors for you!

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